Saturday, June 4, 2011

36 weeks and counting down...

Today, I am 36 weeks pregnant.


I can't believe how quickly time has flown by. Even as I type, I should be working on the baby room, but any distraction is a welcome distraction right now. My belly hurts, my ribs hurt, and of course my back hurts. He's running out of room in there and therefore taking it out on me. Hah.

It really hit me the other day that we're about to have ANOTHER person who will join our family and never go away. I mean obviously, when you're pregnant, the end goal is a baby, but sometimes in all the flurry of baby baking, you kinda forget that part. My little one's life is about to be turned upside down by a baby brother. For two and a half years, she's thoroughly enjoyed being an only child. And, of course, here we are to mess that up for her. ';)

I wonder as much as any mother does... What will he look like? What will be his temperament? Will he be quiet and sweet as baby Pookie was, or will he be a loud, angry colicky baby? Will he grow up to love sports as much as his father wants him to? Will he be a mama's boy or totally independent? Are he and his sister going to become best friends or worst enemies? Is he, too, going to be eager to learn about and serve Jehovah?

I know a lot of these things are in our hands... You can do a lot to shape and mold your kids. The problem is, you only get one shot. No take-backs, no do-overs. So you do the best you can the first time around and pray to God it's good enough.

Pheww. What a thought. O_O

All in all, I do have to say that I am very excited. I've been planning for this little guy for nine months. (Really, more like a year and a half if you count the two miscarriages.) And now he's almost here, and the only thing I truly hope for is a happy, healthy baby - GERD or no GERD, colic or no colic, poopy diapers or no poopy diapers. That's my ultimate goal.

I want both of my children to be happy.

Man. A mother's love is overwhelming, sometimes.

Enough self-reflection. Back to business! Bean will be here soon! (And yes, we are STILL debating on what to name the poor child. Le sigh.)


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